© Hopeman Gala
Charity Num. 003406


Daren Nelson
Pat Bray
Lynne Brown
Andre Govier
Lindsay Nelson Event Management & Tots

Caroline Forsyth
Bar convenor
Arry Dodd
Photography and Model Railway
Jaclyn Lunan
Event Management, first aid & security
Angie Reid - Indoor Fete Jason Shek - Logistic support Jude MacKay  - Craft & Flower Show/ kids craft Jason Wozniak - Logistic Support
Samara Shah - Talent Show Deshawn Gordon - Youth Rep/Catering liason Nikki Burnell - Talent show/ HADS liaison Stephanie McPherson
Party in the Park
Richard Cavaye - Sandcastle Competition Fraser Cameron - Youth Rep Liz Harvey - Flower demonstration Jenny Adams - Church liaison

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